Liquidations Online will prepare all necessary documentation for a company to be placed into liquidation. This will be emailed to you. More often than not it is not necessary to meet in person. However if the company is still trading and employs staff obviously the need will exist to meet on site.

Liquidations Online will provide you with a checklist of information that will need to be provided on appointment of a liquidator.

In addition to liquidations we can assist with restructures, receiverships, debt negotiations, financial reviews, personal compromises and voluntary administrations.

Industry Experience

In Tom’s 20 plus year career as an Insolvency Practitioner he has dealt with a wide range of industries. These include construction companies, transport operators, retail outlets, funeral parlours, engineering businesses, wholesalers, hireage outlets, farms, share milkers, agricultural contractors and agricultural enterprises, IT companies, bars and cafes, logging contractors, finance companies .